Is Cold Brew Coffee Worth It?

If you are a coffee fan, you may be the type of person who goes and buys a drink from Starbucks or your local coffee shop most days. But you would have soon realized that you are spending anywhere from $3 to $5 each day on a single coffee drink. Do you want to spend that much money? You may think it is not very much at all – but these numbers add up very quickly. If you found another way to make great coffee, you could save an insane amount of money each year. And that is where cold crew coffee comes into the picture.

The great thing about cold brew is that you can make a huge batch one time a week, and then you can add it when you want for your morning and afternoon cups of coffee. And the beauty of cold brew is that you are going through with a slower brew, either on the countertop or in the fridge. This means that you are not getting the bitterness and acidity that you get when you regularly brew coffee in your machine or using another method that involves hot water. Cold brew simply tastes better.

Another perk that you are going to find with cold brew is that even if you are using cheaper coffee beans, you are going to get a very good result. Just because you want a wonderful cup of coffee each morning, you do not need to spend $15 on a pound of coffee beans! With cold brew, you can enjoy warm or iced coffee each day that is delicious, chocolatey and full of flavor – without any of that bitterness that you hate. Most people who drink cold brew find that you do not even need to add any sugar, as it is already so sweet!