CCL Injuries: Braces or Surgery?

When you have a hurt dog, you will want to do everything in our power to ensure that your pet gets better. But sometimes that means reading up on what is wrong with your dog, and ensuring that you are making the best possible decision. Whenever you have a dog injury occurring to your pet, we would say that you should get him or her checked out by a vet. Only a vet can give you a proper diagnosis for what is wrong. Even if you have some idea, it is best to get the confirmation so you are not doing anything to make the matter worse.

dog CCL brace

But if you are told by your vet that your dog has a CCL, or a cranial cruciate ligament, injury, then you are going to want to do what you can to make your dog better. But the reality is not that easy. You are going to want to make a decision quickly, but you will have to be patient. There are two possible options that you have when it comes to a CCL injury. You can either go with surgery, or you can go with a dog CCL brace. These are the two major options, and we believe that you need to consider them both.

A surgery is always scary. You are not going to want your dog to go under the knife, and you may not be thrilled about the idea of paying thousands of dollars for the surgery either. But most of us view our dogs as family. And if the thousands of dollars meant your dog was healthy and will not have any issues, you would go ahead with it no matter what. But that is not how it works with CCL injuries. Many studies have shown that surgery does not always do the trick. And you can easily find a dog CCL brace online.

If you have an older dog, surgery is not the best option. It may be too much for your dog, and it could result in a major issue for their health. And sometimes going with the conservative option of a brace is what a dog owner prefers. And the good news is that you can get a lot of help for your dog through these CCL braces. So long as you are picking the right brace, it is a non-invasive method that will help the scar tissue heal naturally. And there is much less chance of a re-injury, as compared to surgery.

The shocking stats show that even though surgery does help the dog in the immediate aftermath, the chances of a re-injury are very high. And it is not just in that leg- but in the other leg too. So if you are worried about re-injury, especially in a bigger dog, we would go with the knee brace as the best option. It will not be too expensive, and your dog does not have to go through a traumatic surgery that you would not even want to go through yourself!